Francis J. DeHoratius
Chemistry Course Expectations
Office: Chemistry Prep Room 3rd Floor opposite Room 311
Usual office hours: 7:55 A.M. - 8:20 and 2:35 - 3:00 PM
The course will follow the chapters as they appear in the text. Students are expected to read the sections of the chapters following the presentation of the material in class. Questions and/or problems will be assigned and should be done that evening. Homework will be posted on my website,
Students are expected to:
    -have their textbook and notebooks in class each day;
    -take notes during class, since tests will consist of classroom material and assigned textbook readings and homework problems - online notes are augmented in class.
    -make up any missed class days by reviewing class notes from my website and making arrangements to meet with me to have any questions answered.
    -spend 20-30 minutes each evening studying chemistry and doing homework;
Homework will be assigned most days. It will be collected the next class day. Homework will only be accepted the day after it is assigned unless a student is absent. Paper torn from a notebook and with ragged edges is not acceptable for homework.. Homework that is copied from another student will count as not done. For each four homeworks a student fails to hand in he will lose one point from his quarterly average.
Quizzes are unannounced and will be based on the previous day's material and homework. Students found cheating on quizzes will be given a grade of zero for that quiz and the facts will be reported to the Assistant Principal.
Tests will be held on every F day and will last approximately 20-25 minutes. Following the test, new material will be presented. Tests will be a combination of
    -objective questions,
Definitions and explanations are to be written in correct English -- full sentences, correct spelling-- and problems must include
    -given information
    -all the calculations used to arrive at the correct answer
    -unit cancellation
    -the correct answer, boxed, using significant figures.
Test material will consist of all material covered since the last test. Students found cheating on tests will be given a grade of zero for that test and the facts will be submitted to the Assistant Principal. Graphing calculators are not permitted. Non graphing calculators are permitted. Students should be sure they have a nongraphing calculator to use during tests.
If a student misses two tests in a marking period, he will be required to make up the second test he missed. The make up will be given immediately after school on the C day following the test day.
Lab reports are due the laboratory period following the period in which the laboratory experiment was done. Lab reports will be collected in the first ten minutes of the laboratory period.
Laboratory Reports are graded in the following way:
    -laboratory reports handed in on time and done correctly and completely - plus 1 point on quarter's average;
    -laboratory reports handed in late but the report is correct and complete - minus 1/2 point on quarter's average;
    -laboratory reports handed in on time, returned to the student for corrections or completion and returned to the instructor the next day with corrections done - minus 1/2 point on quarter's average; this is equivalent to a late lab report;
    -laboratory reports handed in on time, returned to the student for corrections or completion and NOT returned to the instructor with corrections done - minus1 point on quarter's average; this is equivalent to a lab report not handed in at all;
    -laboratory reports not handed in - minus 1 point on quarter's average.
Laboratory reports copied from another student will be counted as if no lab report were submitted and the facts will be submitted to the Assistant Principal.
If students work in teams of two during a particular experiment, each student is expected to hand in his own laboratory report. The data for each partner will be identical but the remaining sections of the lab report should not be — one partner should not copy the laboratory report of his partner.
Grades for each quarter will be based on test grades, quiz grades, and laboratory report points and homeworks. All grades given will be numeric but will be converted to letter grades for progress reports.
Extra help is available in the chemistry prep room after school each day until approximately 3:00 PM.or before school beginning at 7:50 A.M. No appointment is necessary.
Exemptions from the final exam in June are awarded to those who achieve A's in all quarters and on the midterm exam in January or as modified by the science department.
Text: Davis, Raymond; Metcalfe, H. Clark; et. al. Modern Chemistry. Austin. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 2002
Rev: 9/4/2008