Write the formulas for the binary ionic compounds formed between the following elements:

a) potassium and iodine: KI d) aluminum and sulfur: Al2S3

b) magnesium and chlorine: MgCl2

c) sodium and sulfur: Na2S

Name the binary ionic compounds indicated by the following formulas:

a) AgCl: silver chloride b) ZnO: zinc oxide

c) CaBr2: calcium bromide d) SrF2: strontium fluoride

e) BaO: barium oxide f) CaCl2: calcium chloride

Write the formula and give the name for the compounds formed between the following ions:

a) Cu2+ and Br1-: CuBr2 copper (II) bromide

b) Fe2+ and O2-: FeO iron (II) oxide

c) Pb2+ and Cl1-: PbCl2 lead (II) chloride

d) Hg2+ and S2-: HgS mercury (II) sulfide

e) Sn2+ and F1-: SnF2 tin (II) fluoride

f) Fe3+ and O2-: Fe2O3 iron (III) oxide

Write formulas for the following ionic compounds:

a) sodium iodide: NaI e) copper (II) sulfate: CuSO4

b) calcium chlroide: CaCl2 f) sodium carbonate: Na2CO3

c) potassium sulfide: K2S g) calcium nitrite: Ca(NO2)2

d) lithium nitrate: LiNO3 h) potassium perchlorate: KClO4

Give the names for the following compounds:

a) Ag2O: silver oxide b) Ca(OH)2: calcium hydroxide

c) KClO3: potassium chlorate d) NH4OH: ammonium hydroxide

e) FeCrO4: iron (II) chromate f) KClO: potassium hypochlorite

Name the following binary molecular compounds:

a) SO3: sulfur trioxide b) ICl3: iodine trichloride

c) PBr5: phosphorus pentabromide

Write the formulas for the following compounds:

a) carbon tetraiodide: CI4 b) phosphorus trichloride: PCl3

c) dinitrogen trioxide: N2O3

Write formula for the compounds formed between the following:

a) aluminum and bromine: AlBr3

b) sodium and oxygen: Na2O

c) magnesium and iodine: MgI2

d) Pb2+ and O2-: PbO

e) Sn2+ and I1-: SnI2

f) Fe3+ and S2-: Fe2S3

g) Cu2+ and NO31-: Cu(NO3)2

h) NH41+ and SO42-: (NH4)2SO4

Name the following compounds using the Stock system where appropriate:

a) NaI: sodium iodide b) MgS: magnesium sulfide

c) CaO: calcium oxide d) K2S: potassium sulfide

e) CuBr: copper (I) bromide f) FeCl2: iron (II) chloride

Write the formulas for each of the following compounds:

a) barium sulfide: BaS b) sodium hydroxide: NaOH

c) lead (II) nitrate: Pb(NO3)2 d) potassium permanganate: KMnO4

e) iron (II) sulfate: FeSO4 f) diphosphorus trioxide: P2O3

g) disulfur dichloride: S2Cl2 h) carbon diselenide: CSe2

i) acetic acid: CH3COOH j) chloric acid: HClO3

k) sulfurous acid: H2SO3 l) phosphoric acid: H3PO4

Assign oxidation numbers to each atom in the following compounds or ions:

a) HCl: H: +1; Cl: -1

b) CF4 C: +4; F: -1

c) PCl3 P:+3; Cl: -1

d) SO2 S: +4; O: -2

e) HNO3 H: +1; N: +5; O: -2

f) KH K: +1; H: -1

g) P4O10 P: +5; O: -2

h) HClO3 H: +1; Cl: +5; O:-2

i) N2O5 N: +5; O: -2

j) GeCl2 Ge: +2; Cl: -1

Assign oxidation numbers to each atom in the following compounds or ions:

a) HF H: +1; F: -1

b) CI4 C: +4; I: -1

c) H2O H: +1; O: -2

d) PI3 P: +3; I: -1

e) CS2 C: +4; S: -2

f) Na2O2 Na:+1; O: -1

g) H2CO3 H: +1; C: +4; O: -2

h) NO21- N: +3; O: -2

i) SO42- S: +6; O: -2

j) ClO21- Cl: +3; O: -2

k) IO31- I: +5; O: -2