Metric System Problems

Each question below that involves the converstion of one unit to another is to be done as we reviewed in class and on the web. For other questions, the answers might be one or two word answers.

1. Label each of the following measurements by the quantity each represents. Fro instance, a measurement of 10.6 kg/m3 represents density.

a) 5.0 g/ml
b) 37 s
c) 47 J
d) 39.56 g
e) 25.3 cm3
f) 325 ms
g) 500 m2
h) 30.23 mL
i) 2.7 mg
j) 0.005 L

Below is an example of the methodology I expect you to use in unit cancellation. I have used the metric unit conversion to illustrate this method.


unit cancellation example

2. Convert the following units using the conversion factor method illustrated above:

a) 10.5 g into kg
b) 1.57 km to m
c) 3.54 µg to g
d) 3.5 mol to µmol
e) 1.2 L to mL
f) 548.6 mL to cm3